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This section lists Foveola's recent appearances in the trade and general press, and provides notification of any forthcoming talks or other public appearances.

Come to Bootstrap Bootcamp  01/08/2006

break-step productions is pleased to announce Bootstrap Bootcamp, a new series of workshops, lectures and consultancy services about bootstrapping entrepreneurship.

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SceneReader is launched  01/03/2006

break-step productions is proud to announce the official release of SceneReader, a software technology that can find and analyse text in real-world photographic images such as complex street scenes.

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Foveola on the radio  13/04/2004

break-step productions MD, Patrick Andrews, is to be interviewed on BBC Radio on Tuesday 13th April 2004 for the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire breakfast show.

The discussion will center on Foveola and its role in the development of assistive technology for people with visual impairment.
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Foveola in Japan  10/04/2004

Foveola has been the subject of a publicity campaign by the British Government promoting British business with Japan, with information supplied to a large number of Japanese technology and business journals.

Additionally, Foveola has recently been licensed to several Japanese corporations including Honda Research.
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Foveola shortlisted at Machinista  09/04/2004

Foveola is featured at the 2004 Machinista Online exhibition, and we're pleased to announce that Foveola has been selected from over 260 entries for the final Supervisors' Shortlist of outstanding entries.
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Cambridge Evening News, "The Business"   06/04/04

break-step's invention for the blind  
By Jenny Chapman  

He calls it "an advance on the white cane", but the technology Patrick Andrews and his associates have developed could revolutionise everyday life for the blind.
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Foveola to feature at Cambridge CHASE  06/04/2004

Dr. Patrick Andrews, Managing Director of break-step productions ltd, will be the featured speaker at the Cambridge Hi-Tech Association of Small Enterprises (CHASE) meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2004.
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Affiliate program launched for Foveola   01/02/2004

We're pleased to announce that an Affiliate Marketing Program is now available for Foveola software products.
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Press Release   18/11/03

break-step productions wins DTI 'SMART' Award

break-step productions ltd, developer of the Foveola robotic vision software, today announced that they have won a Grant for Research and Development (formerly part of the SMART Awards programme).
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Wired News at  15/05/03

Giving Robots the Gift of Sight  
By Leander Kahney  

An e-business consultant from the United Kingdom claims to have invented a breakthrough mechanized vision system with a wide range of potential applications, from robotics to handwriting recognition.

Patrick Andrews, managing director of break-step productions, a Cambridge-based consultancy, said he has developed a shape-recognition system called Foveola that closely mimics the human visual system.
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Financial Times, Creative Business Supplement  18/03/03

Machines that see more clearly  
By Alan Cane  

Dr Who's Daleks managed with an inverted sink plunger, but most machine-vision systems struggle to "see" the real world through humanoid eyes. The problem is that the processes by which the brain interprets visual stimuli are not completely understood, so it is hard to create the electronic equivalent. Which does not, of course, prevent engineers trying.

Reproduced by kind permission of

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Toy Industry is test bed for new ideas  
By Alan Cane  

Here's a tip for any technologist who wants to see speedy market acceptance for his or her brainchild. Find a toy or game whose desirability and utility could be boosted by its addition; bring the price down to a level where it won't strain the parental purse and: bingo!

Reproduced by kind permission of

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New Electronics  11/02/03

Software system set to shape up

Cambridge based break-step productions has developed a software based shape recognition system called Foveola, which creates numerical codes in a database.

Reproduced by kind permission of New Electronics

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