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SceneReader is launched  01/03/2006

break-step productions ltd is proud to announce the official release of SceneReader, a software technology that can find and analyse text in real-world photographic images such as complex street scenes.

SceneReader uses Foveola shape recognition to locate and identify text in images, and demonstrates the power of Foveola's generalizing shape recognition algorithm. By using Foveola, the SceneReader product can recognize text in a wide variety of fonts, using a general-purpose font knowledgebase.

cross street image

SceneReader is supplied as an ANSI-C programming library, which can be used by your own applications to add text recognition capabilities.

The SceneReader API is simple to use, with only three inputs:

  1. The input image to be analysed
  2. A flat-file dictionary containing a list of allowed words for recognition (which can contain arbitrarily many entries).
  3. A pluggable "font knowledgebase" used for character recognition. A powerful, general-purpose font knowledgebase is pre-supplied as standard.

In its simplest configuration, SceneReader requires no user pre-configuration or training; it can be immediately applied to your image collection using the standard font knowledgebase and general-purpose dictionary.

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