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New Electronics  11/02/03

Software system set to shape up

Reproduced by kind permission of New Electronics

Cambridge based break-step productions has developed a software based shape recognition system called Foveola, which creates numerical codes in a database.

According to managing director Patrick Andrews: "The codes bear simple relations to each other, so it's easy to write down a defined, simple 'numerical' relation, for instance between the codes for shapes P and R. It's also possible for the software to make a sensible 'best guess' about the identity of a shape which has not been seen before."

The software is based on Nobel Prize winning work, which found the visual cortex to be highly structured, with many different identifiable functions performed by cells there.

Andrews said that, currently, shapes are contained within a 50 x 50 pixel frame. "It's the same way the human eye works. A small, high resolution region - the foveola - can be flicked from point to point in a scene and a decision made about what's at each position. We plan to add concentric, scaled up versions of the 50 x 50 window to decrease sensitivity to shape size and to allow some peripheral 'context' effects to help decide where to look next."

Target applications for the software include interactive robots, toys and handwriting recognition systems.

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