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Foveola to feature at Cambridge CHASE  06/04/2004

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Dr. Patrick Andrews, Managing Director of break-step productions ltd, will be the featured speaker at the Cambridge Hi-Tech Association of Small Enterprises (CHASE) meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2004.

Presentation background

Foveola can deal with shape-related visual tasks in a similar way to humans. It is like having simulated human eyes - it's fast. It's quick to learn new shapes too. And because of the way it works it can make connections between shapes - 'That m is like a seagull'.

break-step productions, the company behind Foveola, won a DTI R&D grant at the end of last year for the 'Speaking Eye', a tool for people with sight disabilities, intended to help generate clear verbal descriptions of all types of shape-based information such as labels, icons and signs within the cluttered, ambiguous visual environment.

Patrick Andrews is MD of break-step productions, the company behind Foveola. He's got a background in maths, engineering and neurophysiology.

For further information about the evening or about CHASE membership, please contact CHASE chair Jeff Veit at

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