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This online demonstrator for the Foveola shape recognition engine has been seeded to recognise a range of alphabetic and numeric characters.
Step 1.
Draw a letter or number in the left-hand Input shape pad.  
(Hold down the left mouse button as you move the mouse to draw on the pad).
Step 2.
Use the add noise button to add some random noise to your shape (optional).
Step 3.
Use the classify button to analyse the shape using Foveola. 
The best matches found for your shape will appear in the Matches box. 
The number below this box shows the match confidence (1=highest, 3=lowest).
Step 4.
Use the forward and reverse buttons to see all matches found. 
The matches are shown in order, best match first.
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Java Applet Support Required
Problems with applet layout? Try this page instead.

Interested in a more comprehensive demonstration?
Please contact us to request the free Foveola 3.2 Evaluation Edition.

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